Thursday, 18 June 2009

View from the roost

I took this photo at 7.15 this morning - and a good job I did, as the lovely sunshine soon disappeared. It's the view from my very own back door. Salts Mill chimney dominates the village, and always has done. I suppose in days past, when the whole village worked there, one might have had mixed feelings about seeing the workplace every time you looked out. But I rather like the view, and especially being able to see the green hills beyond. That is Hope Hill and Baildon Moor. It's a nice thing about living in Saltaire - there are some terrific walks directly from here up onto the moors or a gentler stroll along the canal bank. Pity about the wire netting spoiling my view - it attempts to stop balls being kicked into our backyards from the playground (but fails miserably). There are often children in the yard retrieving footballs - not that I mind... I do smile at them, don't want them to think I'm an old witch!

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  1. Hi there Jenny - what a great name and a great idea to keep the Saltaire photo diary. I'd like to see some shots of the area from the hills as the sun goes down - it'll save you having to get up for those early morning shots from your door...

    keep up the good work - iammc


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