Thursday, 22 October 2009

Number 68

Talking of perfect things, this may be the most perfect door in the whole of Saltaire... well, certainly one of the smartest. It belongs to one of the houses at the top end of Victoria Road. Since that is the main thoroughfare into Saltaire - the way most people arrive into the village - I think it's very good that someone has taken the trouble to make the outside of their house so attractive to the eye.

I don't know if the door is the original design for the house. It's not like the four-panelled door I featured on June 27, but then the house doesn't have the characteristic round arched entrance like so many in the village. A lot of the houses in this part of Saltaire do have these vertically-panelled doors, and it is a Victorian design, so maybe it is orginal. The little white sign at the top of the door says "Chat lunatique"!


  1. Beautiful shot !! Nice post !! Thanks for sharing..

  2. You are right it is a wonderful door. The best element of it is the number painted on the top. It would have been so much more "normal" for it to have been smaller, but it is just right and fits in perfectly with the type of door, and (if I remember Saltaire rightly), with the type of house

  3. I like this door too, especially the lintel(?) above. BTW, did you know the November theme day is "doorways?"

  4. I pass this door daily and was thinking it would make a nice pic of Saltaire, and so it does. I had not looked closely enough to see the mad cat sign. Nice pic.
    Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo - Paul

  5. I have just happened upon this. We were the owners of no. 68 at the time. We loved our front door. Thank you so much for your comments and the fabulous photo. My husband was a painter and decorator in Saltaire and was very proud of our door. We're pleased you liked our 'chat lunatique' sign too!
    Anne Marie & Robert Whitaker


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