Friday, 30 October 2009

Saltaire about 1870

I was fortunate recently to meet an enthusiastic photographer called Dorothy Burrows, who has spent a lifetime photographing this area and also collecting old postcards and prints. I was even luckier that she had some pictures to give away. I am going to reproduce some of the scanned images from time to time on this blog, because I think they will add some interest from the historical point of view.

This is a reproduction of a painting of Saltaire, supposedly in about 1870. It shows Salts Mill and the model village nearing completion. The church is built and the New Mill is visible. There may be some artistic licence...there seem to be more houses right behind the Mill than I think there should be - and it's hard to differentiate the canal from the river...but still, it gives an idea of how it would have looked in those days, and in particular how it was still a relatively green area. And the Mill and village really don't look a lot different all these years later.


  1. What a nice post ! Thanks for the description !!Unseen Rajasthan

  2. Hi Jenny,

    These old postcards are so beautiful and interesting. I think this picture gives a very idea of the old Saltaire.

    Best regards


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