Friday, 20 November 2009

Sunny path

We had storms and gales in the UK last weekend (and continuing..). It was worst in the south but on Saturday it was a bit grim here - very windy and raining. Sunday, however, turned out to be a very pleasant day, so I went for a walk - did three or four miles, I suppose. It's surprising how many good walks I am discovering, in my quest to explore and record this immediate locality for my blog. This time I climbed the hill to the south of Saltaire. Much of that area is a park, Northcliffe, but then I came back along an ancient pathway down into the valley, through fields, which is where I took this photo.


  1. Lovely photograph. I agree, showing your locality to the rest of the world is a wonderful way of rediscovering the place where you live.

  2. Something we miss down here is walking country, too built up and too many fences. Have to rely on others walking and taking country view shots.


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