Friday, 18 December 2009

Advent window No 9

I found Saltaire's Advent Window number 9 at the bottom of Albert Road, in the bedroom window of the house featured in my blog on 14 September - which perhaps goes some way to explaining the artistic merit of the window. From the outside it's difficult to tell how the window has been created - whether paint on the glass, or painted paper. It could be tissue paper? Anyway, it's a lovely snowy scene with what looks to be a charcoal-burner or some kind of fire. I thought at first it was a cottage, but on closer inspection it isn't. Very Christmassy... to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.

Look back a few days to 14 December for another colourful window.


  1. This is what i call as beauty !! Really nice.

  2. Snow down here outside London, and I believe it's on its way north; you'll have your own snowy advent window.

  3. Lovely window, however it was created. Don't slip and fall getting round to the rest of the windows now John seems to have arranged that sbnow to move north.


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