Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Salts Mill at Christmas

The high, barrelled ceiling of the 1853 Gallery in the West Mill (Salts Mill, Saltaire) allows this magnificent Christmas tree, one of several throughout the Mill. The scent of pine mingled with the fragrance of the lilies (there are aways huge vases of lilies in the Gallery) and the tastefully Christmassy background music makes for a pleasant shopping and browsing experience. The Gallery stocks artists' materials, cards and art books, as well as displaying the large collection of Bradford-born artist David Hockney's work. I can get stuck in there for hours, looking through the wonderful 'coffee table' books of photographs.


  1. Sounds and looks like a nice place to shop. not overly commercialised (at least in this shot). Have a great Christmas.

  2. A lovely tree. The gallery sounds like a place I could easily spend a few hours


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