Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Santa called...

So, it's December 1st and everyone's now counting down to Christmas. I like this season in Saltaire. We get a lot of visitors who come to explore our interesting and individual shops, which make such a change from the usual high street stores. There are frequent craft fairs and suchlike in the Victoria Hall too.

The shops in Saltaire's Salts Mill sell all manner of lovely things. I'm a great fan of the bookshop, but I also enjoy browsing around 'The Home Shop' on the second floor. It sells kitchenware, glassware, furniture and all sorts of beautiful,
stylish and swanky things for the home (generally at a swanky price too!) In many ways it's as much a design museum as a shop. It's the kind of shop you visit looking for a wedding present for someone... and end up with something for your own home that you shouldn't really have bought 'cos it was a bit expensive - but what the heck!

Among their Christmas stock this year, I spotted these 'reindeer scented candles' - presumably just the thing all parents need to convince their kids that Santa has really visited. ("What's that funny smell, Mum?") I had a quick sniff and I can reliably inform you that reindeers smell pretty much like strawberries....


  1. Yes, Saltaire does have a good combination. I can happily browse the books and pictures whilst my wife does the Home Shop.

  2. I think we can pretty much guarantee that reindeers don't smell like strawberries, except in Christmas Gift Shops. Time to put the sprouts on for the 25th.

  3. I can see you both have things sussed one way or another!

  4. You live in such beautiful place and I've enjoyed looking back through your posts. I love the reindeer scented candles, no idea they smelled like strawberries :)


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