Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More of the white stuff...

Ha! Thought we were rid of the white stuff but it came back with a vengeance to the Saltaire area yesterday. This was the scene on my walk to work. Luckily I don't have to go far, and it's actually easier walking in fresh deep snow than when it gets all packed down and icy. Of course the whole area grinds to a halt - "worst weather for 30 years..etc etc." - and all the schools close. I don't have school-age kids but if I did I'd be really cross at the way the schools seem to shut down as soon as we have an inch or two of snow. It must be a headache for parents trying to sort out childcare at short notice - and offices don't close. Most of my colleagues got into work, even those from outlying areas. So why do the schools close?

It was rather frustrating to be cooped up in an (admittedly warm) office - I wanted to be out there with my camera! Had to content myself with a few early morning shots when it was still rather dark, and then a quick walk round the carpark at lunchtime. But, sorry folks, it looks as though you're going to get another dose of snow pictures!

That's not Salts Mill at the bottom of the road, by the way. It's another old mill complex called Victoria Mills, now turned into a large residential development - see my post of 4 October.


  1. Berkshire was hit hard last night and still snowing. My wife has not got out to work today, nor have any of the neigbours.

  2. That weather stretches from Saltaire to Huddersfield. Keep warm my friend.

  3. You can't beat low winter sun for pleasant lighting!.


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