Thursday, 18 February 2010

Blue door

The vibrant blue door of one of the houses on Amelia Street in Saltaire. Amelia Street is one of the older streets, lower down the village, built in 1854 (the year after Salts Mill opened). It's a row of workmen's cottages. Later the Bath and Wash House building (now demolished) was built opposite.

Amelia Street is named after
Sir Titus Salt's eldest daughter (1835-1914). She was her father's private secretary, until she married Mr Henry Wright in 1873. (Of course it was not considered appropriate for women to carry on working after they married, so most probably one of his other unmarried daughters, Helen or Ada, then took on the secretarial role.)


  1. I love the blue, reflected in the back window of the car!

  2. It is such an energetic colour and it sings when the sun reflects off it.

  3. Great looking door, and such a great color, doubly reflected in the auto's rear window.


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