Thursday, 20 January 2011

Heritage Trail 17 - Salt's Hospital

'Continue downhill until you reach the crossroads, where the former Hospital building stands at the corner.'  This hospital was originally built to treat injuries sustained by workers in the mill.  There was a surgery on the mill site but the Infirmary was equipped for surgical operations and when it opened in 1868 it had nine beds.  It started off as a two storey building but it began to treat patients in the local community, as well as mill workers, and a third storey was added in 1909. (Looking at it now you would never realise that.) 

It continued as a hospital until 1979, when it became a retirement home.  I have vivid memories of going at Christmas with a group from my church to sing carols for the elderly people.  It was homely, but blessed with that beige/pale green paint style so beloved of institutional living.  More recently it was converted into quite stylish apartments.  Some of them make use of the very high ceilings by having mezzanine floors.

Incidentally, in the background of the picture you can see the top of Salts Mill chimney, indicating where our 'virtual walk' around Saltaire's Heritage Trail has taken us in relation to the mill.

[No 15 on the street plan]


  1. Hi, Jenny!

    Your Moo Card post does not respond BTW???

    Anyway, on to this one! Another very interesting building and yet another instance of the great foresight and remarkable generosity towards his fellow man demonstrated by Sir Titus Salt!

  2. The Moo card post is in preparation! I'm sure everyone has done that at one time or another - clicked publish instead of save?

  3. It is a gracious building and certainly doesn't look added onto.

  4. After such a long and varied life, this building is still elegant and beautyful! I'd like to see how they made the appartements in it!

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  6. How fun that you have memories of being inside in the 70's. I bet the apartments are beautiful these days...hope they kept some of the vintage aspects in the design!

  7. Interesting photo and info, Jenny!

    Hope you have a great remainder of your day!

    B xx

  8. I would not have been able to tell that the third storey was added so much more recently. It looks like part of the original building.

    I spotted the Salt's Mill chimney in the background.

    I also tried to access your Moo post; and YES, I have published by accident and had to withdraw - More than once! :)

  9. As always, I wish I could peek inside!

    And I'm happy to see from the comment before me that the quality of your work is being recognized!

  10. That 3rd story looks virtually seamless considering the 40 year gap in construction! Now that's a good looking retirement place. ~Lili

  11. A very solid, substantial building. I can see why it has been saved and converted.


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