Monday, 30 April 2012

Rainbows in the rain

I've had more 'people' photos on my blog in the last few days than I have in the previous year!  Here are some more familiar faces - those of our local dance team 'Rainbow Morris'. They dance in the North-West tradition, named after the north-west of England where the dances originate.  They dance with clogs, bells, garlands and hankies and the decorated 'sticks' they are using in my photo came originally from Salts Mill; they were used in the cloth weaving process when the mill was still working.

The dancers brought some colour and music to the centre of Saltaire last Sunday, as part of the World Heritage Celebrations, cheering up what was unfortunately a rather wet and dismal day (month!)  The stone slabs outside Shipley College (the old factory schools) provide a good base for the clacking of the clogs, which is part of the tradition.

For photos of Rainbow Morris dancing at previous events, please click the 'dance' label below.


  1. Inspired to have that flower-bed in the foreground, really sets off the colourful dancers. Never seen a guitarist accompanying Morris before!

  2. We have Morris dancers at our festivals, too, but they're not as colorful as these.

  3. I've not yet seen the Morris Dancers 'up close and personal,' as they say, but hope to on our next visit. That's a beautiful photo and I love the history of the sticks. What a great tradition! (And I agree with John: the flowerbed in the foreground makes the difference between 'pretty' and 'spectacular.'

  4. They are a true splash of colour.

  5. Excellent colours! Would definitely not work in B&W.


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