Friday, 18 May 2012

Saltaire's roofs

Another bonus of making the long climb up to Salts Mill's roofspace (see Wednesday's post) is the amazing view you get of Saltaire village.  With the railway station and the stone setts of Albert Terrace in the foreground, you can look out over the slate roofs, right up the Aire valley to the hill (the St Ives estate) overlooking Bingley.  From this viewpoint the roofs look more higgledy-piggledy than you might imagine, given that the streets are laid out in an orderly grid pattern.  Many of the rows of houses contain both two and three storey dwellings, which makes the streets less uniform and more architecturally attractive.


  1. I love views like this! It's lovely! Some times I wish I lived up high so I could look over a city...wonderful!

  2. I love chimneys! A wonderful photo! But I wonder if anyone is allowed to use chimneys these days?

  3. I am struck by all the yellow brick!

    1. Not brick but locally quarried stone, a lovely honeyed colour. All the buildings in the village, public and private, are built from the same stone.

  4. I really like this view! Without the small piece of a car that can be seen, the picture is out of time!

  5. A charming POV of Saltaire, and the sky is an added bonus.


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