Thursday, 31 May 2012

Two trees in spring

'Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.'
Kahlil Gibran

I seem to take a lot of photos of trees and these two on the hill near Dowley Gap are among my favourites.  Another lovely sight on my walk...


  1. I love trees. I did a whole post on the trees in our small town. We have some very beautiful ones and very old.

  2. I suspect the weather might have changed today.

  3. A beautiful scene, it recalls our own Bluegrass section of Kentucky with the scattered trees, rolling topography, and dry-stack stone fences.

  4. Someone planted them exactly that distance apart, thinking that they would look good to viewers like you.

  5. Why do I think that the tree on the hill is in hot pursuit of the one in the foreground? Must change my muesli.

  6. Super shot. I share your fondness for trees.


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