Friday, 13 July 2012

Poppit Sands

A couple of miles downriver from St Dogmaels, the Teifi estuary flows into Cardigan Bay at Poppit Sands.  At low tide there are lots of mudflats exposed and the area is good for birdwatching, as well as being busy with small boats. The TV programme 'Coast' showed an ancient wooden V-shaped fish trap in the estuary (see here) that they have recently discovered (from aerial photos).  It's thought to be about 1000 years old and possibly constructed by monks from St Dogmaels Abbey - quite an exciting find, which is now being explored by scuba divers.

My granddaughter, at 9 months, is a bit young to fully appreciate beaches yet but, at that age, you do your best to stimulate all their senses... touch, sight, taste.  She enjoyed exploring with her hands, feeling the rough rocks encrusted with barnacles.  She also liked watching the whirling colours of a toy windmill - and demolished a mini-milk ice lolly in double-quick time. (Broccoli, toast? Give me a lolly to suck!)  Gran, meanwhile, enjoyed paddling around in rock pools in her new red wellies!  60 is the new 6!  Happy times - even the clouds seemed joyful, somehow.


  1. Beautiful spot. I hope you did a little more with that beached sailboat! If 60 is the new 6, then 70 must be the new 5! Nothing makes you feel alive like a grandbaby in tow.

  2. This area is really appealing. I can see why it drew you. But, 60 being the new 6? 60 didn't feel anything like 6 to me. Maybe I didn't do that year right.

  3. I love that area and we have had many a happy hour on Poppit Sands.


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