Monday, 30 July 2012


First Team GB medal (silver for the women's cycling road race) went to a local lass, Lizzie Armitstead of Otley; second - a bronze for swimming, to Rebecca Adlington, who hails from the town I grew up in.  Proud!  But....back to Bingley Beckfoot allotments.... You'll see more about the Olympics on this blog in due course, no doubt, when I get back from London with a camera (hopefully) full of photos.
One of the allotments had this colourful chappie standing guard.  In fact there was a competition to name him, though I don't know what he was eventually called.  My best thought was Rusty - given the weather we've been having! Proper straw-stuffed scarecrows are rarely seen in fields nowadays, but local villages often have 'Scarecrow Festivals', when lots of very creative tableaux spring up in gardens and on village greens.  I wonder if the tradition of scarecrows is a world-wide phenomenon?


  1. Very cute scarecrow. I regret that I have no idea whether scarecrows are in use over here. I live in urban/suburban places where farms are rare. But, in the places I have gone, I don't remember ever seeing a real scarecrow.

  2. We definitely have them in the U.S., although they are not as common as they once were. Wikipedia ( has an interesting article.

  3. I like the name Rusty! Have fun.

  4. I'm actually not sure how widespread the tradition is or has been here, or if I'm perhaps more familiar with the concept from translated literature rather than seeing them "in real life"!

    I watched that cycling road race. Unusual for me to be watching any sports but at least with the road race there were glimpses of something else than just a sports arena ;)

  5. We have scarecrows in our rural area though sometimes they're quite simple -- a hat and a shirt on two sticks -- maybe with shiny pie pans dangling from each outstretched 'arm.'


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