Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Queen

I was unfortunately unable to spare the time from work today to stand for hours waiting for a quick glimpse of HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, as they visited the Pace technology factory in Salts Mill.  Plenty of people did, but maybe they were on holiday or perhaps more dedicated Royal fans than I.  I can, however, for the sake of recording history here, link you to the local paper's website.  See here for a few pictures.  Doesn't she look lovely?  She's an amazing woman and I have the deepest respect for her.  She had a packed diary today, visiting Leeds as well as Saltaire, but she seems to take things in her stride and looks quite relaxed in these photos, I think.  I hope she enjoyed her lunch and the quick glimpse of Saltaire she would have seen as the car whisked her down Victoria Road.


  1. But don't you think she would love to stroll through Saltaire and take in its history without being recognized and mobbed?

  2. She is a very hardworking woman. Despite her age, she seems to keep up a full calendar of activities. I am impressed by her sense of deep responsibility for the role she performs.

  3. She is really quite amazing. I don't always love her outfits, but I like this one quite a bit.


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