Thursday, 13 September 2012

Pets in the Park

There was lots happening in Roberts Park on Sunday, including Saltaire's version of Crufts, the famous Dog Show. Some fun classes included 'the dog most like its owner', and 'the dog with the waggiest tail'. Nearby, there were small pets to admire, including rabbits and rescue chickens - and people were either fascinated or horrified to see the spiders, scorpions, lizards and snakes displayed by 'Predators' in Shipley, a supplier of exotic pets. The one the girl is holding, below, was I think a fairly harmless corn snake (familiar to my American friends?) and there was also a large yellow Burmese Royal Python. That seemed content to be stroked but it was a bit big for my liking! I was brave and touched the corn snake. (Touched it, not held it!) I expected it to feel damp and slimy but it didn't.


  1. Looks to be a lot less "stuffy" than Crufts. And a beautiful day for it too.

  2. I have never quite understood the desire many people seem to have to take snakes along to such gatherings in order to encourage people to touch them. You never see people doing the same with slugs or cockroaches.

    1. Ha ha, yes, that's true - and you'd wouldn't see me stroke a slug either!

  3. Yes, we know corn snakes. They become quite gentle in captivity. Snakes have gotten a bad rap ever since Genesis did that number on them.

  4. So many of your photos seem to show bright sunshine and sunny skies in Saltaire. I am now convinced that you have California weather.

  5. Burmese pythons are anything but cute and harmless things. Some idiots imported them to Florida and then let them escape. Now they are breeding prolifically and destroying the native animals in the Everglades. They grow to prodigious sizes and in Florida have no natural predators. Bad things!


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