Saturday, 15 September 2012

White Rose Parade

Thursday of Saltaire Festival week is traditionally children's day, when youngsters from our local schools join together in a pageant.  This year the theme was "The White Rose Parade". The children, most in costume, 'traced Yorkshire's colourful history from the dawn of time to the Jubilee celebrations of 2012'.  Lively marching music was provided and the spectacle was witnessed not only by parents and local residents but by some illustrious visitors. Pictured above are Dave Shaw (founder and president of Saltaire's History Club); Denys Salt, the great-grandson of Sir Titus Salt, who is 94 and now lives in Graz in Austria; a gentleman whose name I do not know, I'm sorry (I will endeavour to find out), and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Major Stanley Hardy. Sadly, the lovely weather of last weekend didn't last. It was so cold that I'm surprised the children didn't die of hypothermia.


  1. It certainly looks festive. Wish we could share some of our beautiful weather with you.

  2. The festival looks like so much fun. The children seem to be enjoying themselves!

  3. Saltaire has many historic traditions and celebrations, doesn't it?


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