Monday, 1 October 2012

Fire engine

This is the smart and well-equipped fire engine that is based at Shipley Fire Station (see also yesterday).  It was all ready to roll, if the need arose. Whilst other members of the watch were hosing down cars, a couple of the firefighters were patiently showing off the gear to a steady procession of fascinated little boys (plus dads and mums).  The little girls seemed to be more interested in the pink plastic fire helmets that were on sale to raise funds for charity.

It's kind of comforting having a fire station just round the corner - though it does mean you have to get used to the sound of emergency sirens going off very frequently. (There's an ambulance responder based at the Station too.) Anyone else who wears hearing aids will probably agree with me that it can be a painful experience to be in close proximity to the sound.

However, there are new proposals to close a number of fire stations, including Shipley. My sense of comfort, that if my house was on fire I'd be rescued pretty quickly, may not last if the cuts go ahead....


  1. I know a little boy who would love to be there. They sure do have a penetrating sound.

  2. Snap Jenny, we have a little fire station just five minutes away from us also and as you say, very comforting to know it's there. I hope that the budget cuts don't include your fire station, honestly they really shouldn't cut out any. It's a deal by the way, if you post lots of nice chilly pics, I'll reciprocate with the beach scenes (and try to fling in some nice tanned bods as well haha!)


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