Sunday, 14 October 2012

Men at Work 1

The street sweeper.... or rather, the lovely man who keeps Saltaire looking neat all year round, picking up litter, emptying the litter bins and often helping visitors find their way around too, I think. He will have his work cut out keeping the pavements free of autumn leaves!

I had to have a day off work to wait in for a tradesman and, once he had been, I had a few errands to do in the village. It's not often I see what's going on during the working day in Saltaire - but believe me it was a hive of activity. People were hard at work in the shops and doing various repair jobs around the village, a coach load full of tourists was arriving and another group was being guided round the village on a Salts Walk. There were students from the college buying their lunch, a few ramblers down by the canal, dog-walkers in the park and young parents with pre-schoolers, feeding the ducks. Never a dull moment, in a World Heritage Site!


  1. It is a wonderful shot with such a great scene to photograph.

  2. You made a fine composition from a simple, every day scene.

  3. He will have his work cut out for him. I wish people here used brooms instead of those gas-powered blowers.


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