Friday, 16 November 2012

Coppice pond

A visit to the St Ives estate is not complete without a gentle stroll round the Coppice Pond.  When the house was a family residence, the pond was used as a boating lake. There was a boathouse at one end, of which little remains but its foundations. Now the pond is stocked with fish - carp, tench, bream, chub, roach, perch (aren't they great names?) - and is fished by members of Bingley Angling Club. In winter the pond, being quite shallow, gets iced over. In the past, they used to crack the ice and store it in an ice-house for preserving food. The area around the pond is lovely at all seasons. I especially like it in winter, but this year the autumn colour was very pretty.

(See my other blog: Seeking the Quiet Eye for some more pretty autumn pictures.)


  1. A place where I really would like to stroll! I like the colors and the mood here.

  2. Hi Jenny, greetings from Montreal, Canada (and a fellow word verification free blogger). This is a fantastic photo, looks like a great place to enjoy nature. My grandparents on my father's side were born in Kent.

  3. What a lovely spot. . . perfect for a bit of quiet meditation.

  4. Another beautiful photo. You got many lovely photos from your visit here.


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