Friday, 2 November 2012


A photo of the River Aire and the weir at Hirst Mill. Firstly, note how much the water level has gone down since the heavy rains of September. Secondly, observe the damage that the flood of water caused. There is an enormous tree trunk caught on the weir on the left and it appears to me that on the right hand side a lot more of the stones have been dislodged and swept down, to give more of a waterfall effect than usual.  Still, it hasn't spoiled my pleasure in this part of the river, a good place to head for on a short walk from Saltaire. I never tire of watching the water rushing over the weir and, if I should, a few steps further upriver one can usually see canoeists and rowers from Bradford Amateur Rowing Club practising. I noticed the other day that all their boats have humorous names like "Aire-Row-Nautics" and "Thin Aire". I imagine they spent a few happy evenings in the bar, dreaming them up!


  1. What a nice spot. I does not look very cold there, just inviting. Lovely shot. gin

  2. Water is so powerful as our recent Hurricane Sandy has demonstrated. But I'm with you, I never tire of watching running water. Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful spot Jenny, really like your composition here.


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