Friday, 7 December 2012

All lit up

I had to call at the Post Office parcel delivery office the other evening on my way home from work, to pick up a parcel from Amazon. I've done nearly all my Christmas shopping online this year, which may or may not be good for the overall shape of the British economy but has been very good for my stress levels! Anyway, that meant a trip through Shipley market place, so I took a quick snap of the LIT Christmas tree on my iPhone. It's much prettier at night than it looks in daylight... the downside being that far more people get to see it during the day (see here or scroll back to Monday) than at night. I still prefer a real tree.  The glowing red thing in the background is the clock tower in its festive garb.


  1. It's ever so pretty with the lights on. I think a lot of us are buying on the Internet now ... definitely less stressful and often cheaper especially books.

  2. Great photo. Perhaps we should limit ourselves to iPhone photos for the coming challenge.

    1. Hehe, only if you want a lot of pics of my finger!

  3. In the dark it looks really good but I agree it was not much fun in daylight.

  4. I too prefer a real tree but that's one less tree chopped down.

  5. It looks like a crystal tree. I love it.

  6. Oh, at first I thought that this was the promised photo of the Saltaire Christmas tree at night. This tree is still not a favorite . . .


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