Saturday, 8 December 2012

Beat the cold!

There was pre-Christmas fun in Baildon last weekend. The village (a couple of miles from Saltaire) held a festival, with lots of craft stalls, music, dancing and of course plenty to eat and drink. There was a great atmosphere, with crowds of people enjoying the bright sunshine, even though it was cold.

One way of beating the cold is to get your clogs tapping, which is just what Saltaire's very own dance team, Rainbow Morris, were doing, dancing here outside Baildon's Ian Clough Memorial Hall and adding lots of colour to the scene. (Ian Clough was a Baildon man, a skilled mountaineer, who was sadly killed in 1970 climbing Annapurna in an expedition led by Chris Bonington.)

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  1. Nicely done, jennyfreckles. I've been playing in the comfortable surroundings of Photoshop just recently, too.


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