Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Doves of peace

Window number 16 of Saltaire's Living Advent Calendar can be found on George Street. It's a flock of doves, beautifully lit. This photo hardly does it justice. In these chaotic times it was good to feast my eyes on these symbols of peace, spend a few moments thinking of the world's troubled places... Syria and Newtown, Connecticut, amongst others... to reflect, too, on why we have Christmas at all.

They have made the most of those old 1930s stained glass windows that some of the village houses have. They are a legacy from when the housing stock, which had originally belonged to the Salts company, was sold (see more here) and people could opt to buy the property they lived in. A lot of people apparently started 'modernising' and personalising their homes with these leaded light windows that were very fashionable at that time.


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