Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's that spam again...

Another anonymous fan comment (ha!) :
'I'm a long time watcher and just thought I'd drop by and say howdy there for the incredibly 1st time. I severely delight in your posts. Many thanks. You will be my function models.'
Nice to be appreciated, isn't it?
(Though they do want me to look at their useful webpage: 'How to get fair skin naturally at home'.  Bathe in milk, maybe...? Let me know if you want the link to look at it for the incredibly 1st time.)


  1. You are MY function models, too. My anonymous commenters seem to prefer Tiffany, Burberry and male virility medicines.

    With that opening, you can take your best shot at a comeback!

  2. Seems to be on the increase with Blogger.

  3. They do talk a load of rubbish. Some are translates I think and read ridiculous. Wish they would spam off.

  4. Just this last few weeks I seem to be getting 2 or 3 daily and as you noticed many of these make no sense.

  5. I always get spams even in Russian, lol ! I just delete them. After 5 days I have comment moderation. The anonymous are stopped anyway.
    In fashion is choclate bath ! In Egypt they wanted to give me a chocolate massage ! I refused, I would have been ashamed, these people have just enough to live and eat and I should get a chocolate mask or massage !

  6. I, too, severely delight in your posts!


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