Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2. Big ideas

In the mid-19th century, at almost 50 years of age and already a successful businessman with five textile mills in Bradford, Titus Salt might have been forgiven for looking towards retirement, comfortable with the fortune he'd made. Instead, he made the radical decision to consolidate his enterprise in one huge new purpose-built mill. He chose a greenfield site, away from the squalor and disease of the inner-city, and where relatively new transport links (the canal and railway) linked the site with the docks at Liverpool and the industrial heartland of West Yorkshire. Salts Mill was opened in 1853 - a vast mill that was to employ 4000 workers at its peak, and produce 30,000 yards of alpaca and other worsted cloths every day. Around it, in the valley of the River Aire, he built a village for his workforce, naming it Saltaire, after himself and the river.


  1. What a generous gentleman .... and there you are living in Saltaire.

  2. These old posts are always worth another visit.
    And as far as 2013 inspiration is concerned, how about any one of the following for our challenge : Denholme, Cullingworth, Calverley or Silsden?

  3. what a great old the history of the live in an area so rich in history!

  4. These old postcards are wonderful. They preserve our history.


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