Saturday, 9 March 2013

On yer bike

This colourful marker is on the towpath of the Leeds-Liverpool canal in Shipley. It is a Millennium milepost on the National Cycle Network. (I don't know who painted it... The posts are mostly unpainted metal.) The canal towpath here forms part of National Route 66, which, when it is finally completed, will link Hull with Manchester.  Four different milepost designs were commissioned and this was the first, designed by John Mills. It's not, as I thought at first, a fish with its head in the sand.... It depicts an abstract tree with fossils, tracking time from the earliest primitive creatures up to 'the ultimate demise of fossil-fuel driven technology' - at which point we will all have to get on our bikes, I suppose.


  1. Had I been a cyclist in your area I would stop and photograph each and everyone of these.

  2. Very nice photograph and also this colourful marker.

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