Saturday, 6 April 2013


Not far from Bradford's university campus, the observant visitor walking down to the city centre might notice this poignant memorial. It marks the spot where PC Sharon Beshenivsky was shot dead at point blank range and her colleague PC Teresa Milburn seriously wounded, by armed robbers who had just stolen £5405 from a travel agent's premises. Both the police officers were probationers, responding to reports of a disturbance. PC Beshenivksy was the seventh female police officer to be killed on duty in England and Wales. Six men were subsequently arrested and convicted. One of the notable aspects of the case was that CCTV and number-plate recognition technology was used to track the men as they made their getaway.... a stark reminder of the amount of surveillance in our city centres, and perhaps a vindication of it.


  1. A sad memorial but a good reminder ..

  2. A sad story but surveillance cameras are worthwhile and shouldn't bother people doing the right thing. They are putting more and more into our cities especially on railway stations.

  3. Not many flowers there this November. Shame.


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