Friday, 31 May 2013

Blue sky and dreams

Meanwhile, back in Saltaire, we've had blue skies when we most needed them... notably on the Bank Holiday weekend, when the 2013 Arts Trail took place at various venues, including in some of the residents' Open Houses. The sunshine made wandering around the village even more delightful than it usually is. There was a wealth of beautiful arts and crafts to see, to admire - and to buy if you felt like it. If I was rich(er) I would buy investment pieces; there are some good deals to be had, from both up-and-coming and established artists, most of whom are fairly local. I love the exuberant paintings of Kate Lycett, the breadth of work produced by photographer Ian Burdall is stunning and some of the work on display really made me smile, like the penguin ceramics produced by Beverley Gee. I can dream... but I had to be content with buying a few greetings cards. Some of my friends and family are going to enjoy getting their birthday cards this year!


  1. We were in Stratford on Avon on this bank holiday ! the town was packed !! and we also had sunshine but a cold wind.

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  3. You are rich in heart and character, jennyfreckles, and that is enough.


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