Thursday, 23 January 2014

Rust bucket

Still not getting out with my camera very often (so much dull, damp weather) but I had to grab the chance to go out looking for rust! This is the theme for January's photo challenge in my photo group (see here). Finding rust round here is not too much of a problem but getting an interesting photo is more of a dilemma... do you go in for close detail or attempt a wider view? I headed off to the local scrap-metal merchant, which has provided rich pickings on previous visits. The site has recently been the subject of a local scrap (ha!) over whether the recycling business should be booted out in favour of developing the area for (another) supermarket. In the end a rival scheme has been chosen so the scrap business can remain. However, I was a little dismayed to see that the area seems to have been tidied up a lot. Gone are the colourful skips overflowing with debris (here); I just found this one. I felt there was something quite attractive about the random arrangement, nevertheless.


  1. Well, that was a fun little assignment! And I agree...the photo is rusty but attractive at the same time! Stay warm! :)

  2. This is surprising. Rust is yellow-orange? I always think of it as reddish. Light does fascinating things to color in photography, doesn't it?

    Your photo group seems to be stretching you, doesn't it? I hope you are enjoying working with that group.

    1. This was really this colour Jack. Perhaps it depends what it is that has rusted?

  3. Seems like you have to be on your metal for this one. I'm sure any problems will be ironed out and you can steel yourself for the next assignment.

  4. It is a super arrangement Jenny.. lots of shapes and angles.. Rusty old bits and pieces hold such an appeal for us :)

  5. Yes it is a good one. Nice colour, pattern and texture.


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