Sunday, 23 March 2014

On a quest

My photo club theme for March is 'Beyond a Second' - meaning a photo taken with a shutter speed of a second or longer. That is quite a challenge for me as it means working with my tripod and doing some experimenting. I have not done much low light photography and, whilst I understand the technicalities in principle, out there with my camera I never feel very confident and it's hard to translate the theory into practice.  This was my first attempt - and I think it's a pleasing picture but in terms of the theme it was a fail...the shutter speed was 1/8 second.

Most of you will recognise Saltaire's United Reformed Church, a Grade 1 listed Victorian gem at the heart of the World Heritage Site of Saltaire. Daffodils, grazing geese and a pretty sunset set it off nicely.

(It doesn't really matter with this photo but all of a sudden Blogger seems to be overexposing my uploads compared to how they look in PS or Flickr or Lightroom. Is anyone else noticing that with theirs?
Later: Fixed it! I had to sign up to a Google+ account to do it though. The blasted thing is automatically adding some kind of image enhancement - whether or not you've signed up for it. So you have to create an account and then find Settings and scroll down and uncheck the image enhancement box. Don't you just get sick of these faceless people messing about with things that work perfectly well as they are?! It's taken me two whole evenings to sort that out. I don't want anyone enhancing my images automatically, thank you. They are just as I want them to start with.)


  1. Hi Jenny, love your photo.
    Yes I have that same problem, it's very annoying. When I try and upload a photo with dark areas Blogger lightens them, I don't know why or how to stop it.

  2. It's a wonderful pic, Jenny!

  3. Jennyfreckles, it looks wonderful to me. Good job.

    I have read quite a few other bloggers saying that blogger was affecting their photos, but I have not noticed it on mine.

  4. Your photo is beautiful - looks magical. I picked up on of my originals on the screen just now to compare side-by-side with the same photo posted on my blog. They look the same to me. But I do all my posts in Windows Live Writer - I have no idea if that makes a difference?

  5. I really like your picture as it is! I find it very poetic.

  6. Wow that's unbelievable. I didn't know blogger or google were doing that. I must check it out. I know they were adding falling snow to some shots including one of mine taken on a beach in dumb is that? Your shot of the church is lovely with the sunset in the background. Couldn't you set the shutter speed to 1 sec. I guess that would wash out the sunset unless you closed up the aperture a little.

    1. Haha, snow on photos? No way... I missed that one.

  7. I just love this photo...beautiful! The details are still sharp and the lighting is beautiful! I have found Google+ seems to have complicated so many things!

  8. Your shot of the church is wonderful Jenny, lovely colours in the sunset. Seriously I'm such a technophobe I'm not sure if I'm with Google + or not, I don't think so :) but sometimes I find that my shots look a little washed out, but not always though.


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