Friday, 30 May 2014

Krka National Park

My holiday wasn't (quite) all about wandering ancient walled towns. We also visited the Krka National Park in Croatia - a spectacular gorge with turquoise waterfalls, where the River Krka cascades over travertine (limestone) terraces in a series of rapids and pools. We explored the area around Skradinski buk, where there are wooden walkways above the pools and some interesting old watermills now housing museum exhibits, craft shops and cafés. It was well worth a visit. The lack of warm sunshine meant less sparkle on my photos. On the plus side there weren't so many people around that it felt uncomfortably crowded, which I imagine might be the case in high summer. It's one of those places that would reward an early morning visitor, who might see many more of the birds, beasts and reptiles than were apparent later in the day... frightened into hiding, no doubt, by the day trippers.


  1. Hi Jenny - amazing photos .. and how fabulous you had a holdiay in Croatia .. a place I'd love to visit sometime ... and your new camera holding Jenny photo in the side bar - lovely .. cheers Hilary

  2. It is a charming place indeed, jennyfreckles. You offer two very different ways to view the site.

  3. Wow...THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I love visiting your blog, I feel as if I get a chance to travel a bit! The arches on your previous post were stunning too, what a buried treasure.


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