Monday, 7 July 2014

Riffing on the TdF

A few random Tour De France related shots of things that interested or amused me!

 The Black Prince in Leeds City Square, sporting a yellow jersey.  
(He had significant victories over the French at 
the battles of Crécy and Poitiers.... 'Don't mention the war'!)

Yorkshire's 'Hollywood' sign

Rough translation: Now your cycles are mended, get to work guys!

Bonjour monsieur!

In case we need reminding, this is YORKSHIRE!

Never seen so many bikes...never seen so much lycra!

Tour de Yorkshire

We'll wave at anything - we might be on telly!

There were gendarmes from France and police from as far afield as 
Devon and Cornwall - all very cheery and friendly.

Yorkshire Tea, a float in the Caravane giving out free teabags! 
I wonder if that will go all the way to Paris?

Things I heard: 'It were all a bit of a blur!'  Too right.. it was!

I wasn't too impressed with the ITV commentary. Their commentators had clearly never been to Yorkshire before. They were deeply impressed with all the dry stone walls but rarely seemed to know where we were. 'That was a little village there. All part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Not far from the rivers. Nice cheese here...' !

ITV subtitles had this: Watching the race going through Haworth, the commentator apparently said: 'One of the Brontës is not very dead but the rest of them are.' After a great deal of puzzling, I finally decided he was referring to the churchyard and it should have been 'One of the Brontës is not buried there'.

But, when all's said and done.... Eh by gum, we're dead chuffed abaht it all, ent we!


  1. A great tour you gave us, Jenny! And the weather was so nice as opposed to yesterday in London. I had to laugh at the Yorkshire Tea float - I have a stash here of about 800 bags - I bring them back and then I also have friends bring them over when they come to visit! Can't drink anything else.

    1. I'm a great fan of Yorkshire Tea too!

  2. LOVE the Black Prince in his yellow jersey!

  3. What a nice collection of images from out and about Yorkshire.

  4. Hi Jenny - lovely photos with some fun concepts and your commentaries .. good to see Devon and Cornwall police up with you .. and yes the Black Prince in his yellow jersey ...

    It was a great fun time and luckily we had the best of the weather til they got to the outskirts of London .. just sad our hopefuls are no more .. but who knows another may rise to the fore ..

    I'd say it was a very good time ... and great for Yorkshire ... cheers Hilary

  5. Sounds, and looks, as though it was a resounding success!


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