Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Oh dear, I'm having one of those spells when every time I'm free to go out with my camera the weather decides to be horrible - and when I'm stuck in at work or otherwise engaged, the sun comes out and all is hunky-dory. On my way to meet a friend the other day, I was held up for ages at a level-crossing during a cloudburst. There are very few level crossings in this area; most of the railways go over or under the roads on bridges. This crossing is on the busy Leeds to Skipton line and every quarter of an hour or so the gates close for what feels like a good five minutes. (Perhaps not that long, but it feels like forever when you're in a hurry!)  Anyway, so desperate am I for pictures that I decided to use the time productively.

Voilà ... we have 'watching the rain fall'  and ... quick wipe of the windscreen, to show.... 'train passing'.

I do hope you enjoyed that. Right, we can continue our journey now...


  1. Photographing in grey or rainy weather can be very rewarding. You have made good use of it here.

  2. Gorgeous weather for days down here in the south - looks like about 28 degrees again today.

  3. I hope I will have nice weather when I go to Eastbourne on Thursday ! My stop in London will be rather hot they announced 28° ! Anyway better then rain !

  4. We have a train crossing near our house and I have, more than once, shared the pictures on my blog. It's a freight train -- no passenger service in our area, alas -- but sometimes it has rather exciting graffiti,


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