Saturday, 5 July 2014

Team Sky!

Tour de France - Le Grand Départ 2014
So... I stood for four hours in Leeds city centre on Thursday evening, determined to see Team Sky and try and get a pic for my blog. There was a parade through part of the city centre before the grand opening ceremony at the Leeds Arena. It seemed like the best chance to get a half-way decent photo so I went early, staked out a viewing spot and waited... and waited.... But I was rewarded with this, which at least shows the faces of all nine competitors in Team Sky. There's Chris Froome at the front.

There were thousands of people watching and it's always hard to get a good view at things like this. No chance of an uncluttered background! Helpfully, they were cycling slowly, so they weren't just a blur.
Managed to get a shot of Mark Cavendish too, who rides for Omega-Pharma Quickstep, the Belgian team. As far as I can see, there are only four Brits among the 198 riders.

I'm hoping to see a bit of the race somewhere, but I don't expect to get any more photos worth having, indeed I shall be watching rather than trying to take pics. To be honest I don't really know much about cycling; it's all a bit confusing to me. But it seems silly not to see something of this (probably) once in a lifetime event in Yorkshire, when I'm so close.


  1. Hi Jenny - I hope they have a brilliant British Tour ... you've captured some amazing shots here .. clever you - and waiting for 4 hours .. I reckon that's worse than competing!!!!

    I sincerely hope the weather is kind for this part of the Tour .. we've had such success recently ... and I hope Mark Cavendish can have his day ...

    I'll watch some on the tv ... as well as Wimbledon! Cheers and have a fun time .. Hilary

  2. I just watched Cavendish crash at the end of today's race. It looks as if he is badly injured.

  3. I don't know anything about cycling, either. It seems odd to see a pack like this without helmets.

  4. Hey, Jennyfreckles (love that name lol)
    Great you got a shot of Mark Cavindish
    Oh! shame reading RedPat about Mark crashing - hope he is not too injured - just going to check.


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