Sunday, 27 July 2014

Up hill

This is still Shipley Glen, though looking in the opposite direction from yesterday's photo. Further up the hill, the land is farmed and grazed. There are also a couple of well-hidden caravan sites up there. Beyond that you climb to the top, to the trig point on Hope Hill and the open moorland of Baildon, from where you can venture further, on to Rombalds and Ilkley Moor. But be careful not to go there 'baht 'at' (without your hat.  See here..) I noticed a few patches of heather coming into bloom, but it's a bit early for that yet, better in August.


  1. That's a real "walkers' landscape"; it has all the texture and feel of ground beneath your feet and invites you to walk on a little further - I hope you did as I'd like to see some more!

  2. A lovely landscape image

  3. Lovely landscape, but with that sky, I would head for cover.


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