Sunday, 17 August 2014

Past and present

Thwaite Mills wharf, on the Aire & Calder Navigation, would once have a been a noisy, busy, dusty place where raw materials were delivered to the works and the finished products were shipped out. Not much remains. There is a crane and a hut where the 'pennyman' sat; he operated the swing bridge and boatmen used to have to toss him a penny toll to let them through.

Nowadays it is a tranquil spot where narrowboats moor and one feels that the world has slowed down a little, a far cry from those early days.


  1. It looks more relaxed now days. Does that mean that manufacturing is slowing down in your area too?At least tourism is getting a hit.

  2. Fascinating! . . . . love these boat/engine stories and piccies . . . . . :)

  3. Oh, yes, I do enjoy the canal scene, jennyfreckles.

  4. I'd love to spend some time on a narrowboat.


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