Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pink and grey

RHS Harlow Carr - another exuberant planter and another example of a sensitive arrangement of colours, with pink and rich aubergine shades against a dove grey wall. They take as much care over their colour choices in the planting as an interior designer would over fabrics and paints. I love wood that has been allowed to turn silvery, like that bench.


  1. I've been enjoying your series. Yes, keep summer lasting as long as possible with your excellent photos!

  2. This pot and its well-selected plants brighten an otherwise bland area.

  3. I forgot to answer your question. I raised my camera to photograph a huge pack of pigeons, but then the little girl beyond the pack jumped and they quickly flew off. My camera was set for continuous shooting, so I took five fast shots. I picked the one where the little girl was clearest and had the best expression of delight.


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