Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Autumn joy

Another abstracty one - sometimes I just feel like taking pictures of nothing more than light. Trees reflected in the canal show definite hints that autumn is here.

The shimmery gold mirrors my mood. I'm delighted to say that my new granddaughter was born safely yesterday, a healthy 7lb 5oz. Her name is Madeleine Lily, which I love and am touched by, as Madeline (slightly different spelling) was my late mum's name. Quite unlike her older sister, who was introduced to the world rather abruptly and very early, this one was rather shy to arrive, being a good week or so overdue.  Hoping to see her later this week and one day I'll post a photo, promise.


  1. seems a Monet picturer, just wonderful ! congratulations..

  2. This is beautiful - like a painting.

  3. Wonderful capture! And congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  4. Fantastic image 'Jenny' . I really wish I had your eye for things like this.
    Hope all well with you and with the London family. Howard was telling me that Elodie wasn't entirely sure she approved of the changes in her life.


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