Sunday, 12 October 2014

Personal update

My daughter is home from hospital now and hopefully on the road to full recovery, thank God - though her daily medications routine needs its own planner! The baby seems fine, thankfully, and her big sister (3rd birthday next week!) will get back on a more even keel now she has her mum back, I'm sure. Phew. I'm sorry I am not doing much in the way of visiting everyone else's blogs  - it doesn't work on my iPhone really - but we will all get back to 'normal' one day. I'm regrouping ready for some more granny duty - though when I managed to lock myself out of their apartment with no coat, no phone, bag or money and only my slippers on my feet, I don't think I was being much in the way of help!


  1. I guess I missed that she wasn't doing well! Glad she's home now and that baby is fine.

  2. Take a good care of your family ! It's much more important than blogging !

  3. Dear Jenny - sorry was about to comment, then thought I'd wait til I got home .. and then something 'funny' happened - the techies and I can't work out what or why (which is the interesting bit) but now to check in with you.

    First things second .. I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better and is now home, while her daughter and your 2nd granddaughter is fine ... her big sister will be so pleased to have them both home ... and 3rd birthday next week .. what fun.

    You can do the minimum can't you on an iphone -but we all understand - your family is the most important unit in the world .. so I'm pleased to read the improved news ..

    Enjoy granny sitting .. but don't lock yourself out again - how very unfortunate for you .. with lots of thoughts to one and all - Hilary

  4. It is a great relief to read that your daughter is out of the hospital and on the mend.

    (Is it OK if I giggle at your experience locking out of the house? Are there photos?)


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