Tuesday, 30 December 2014

British weather

We had a sudden and unexpected flurry of snow across parts of the country on Boxing Day. It didn't amount to much down here in my valley but higher up and in other areas it was enough to cause a certain amount of disruption. We're talking a few inches rather than feet - but the UK never seems to cope with even a minor amount of snow. Few people have their vehicles fitted with winter tyres and we don't have the equipment to handle it, unlike those places where winter snow is a more usual occurrence. Add in engineering works over-running their schedule on the main railway line from Yorkshire to London, causing all trains to be cancelled into and out of Kings Cross station, and it was hard for anyone to get anywhere just after Christmas. Thankfully I've been cosy at home and my family had a safe journey back to London; the motorways were clear by the time they needed to set off.

I think it must be the unpredictability of British weather that causes it to be such a talking point in this country. If you pretty much know it's going to be hot and sunny, or cold and snowy, day after day then I suppose it ceases to be of interest. I spotted this rudimentary weather-forecasting tool up in the Yorkshire Dales some time ago, but never found a chance to show it on my blog before now.


  1. That stone does a better job than the weather forecasters. I would have thought England could cope with snowy weather better than that. We have weird weather too. It is either drought or floods. It would be nice to have regular light rainfall throughout the year.

  2. Hi Jenny - the sign is great isn't it .. wish they could have used the apostrophe though .. it grates!

    The weather changes always has, the snow is different always will be, it freezes, then thaws, then freezes, then thaws, then freezes .... and so on and we slip and slide as we try to get to places. Our cars are lighter, we don't have as much traction in our engines .. and so on ... and we set off with totally insufficient back up ... no tools, shovels, blankets ... little or no food, or much less water and so on ...

    Such is life ... and the trains .. similarly ... crazy ... have a happy New Year and lots of joy in 2015 - cheers Hilary

  3. You can replace "British" by Belgian weather ! It was exactly the same here and the weatherforecasts are exact too ! The stone is dry today !

  4. Weather is always a major topic of conversation here in Canada too! The stone is dry here today.

  5. lol, this is brilliant, so Yorkshire :-)

  6. This sign is very simple but so efficient ! :o)
    We also had a cold wave in France , luckily it did not reach South of France very strongly .

    As I'll be busy next evening , I wish ou a happy New year !

  7. Brilliant! And so true!! It's been slippy slidy here which has meant me taking it easy after falling down. I never realised ice could hurt so much :-) Have a very Happy New Year!!


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