Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year resolution?

I will make this one of my resolutions for this year. I made a good start by buying a couple of books in my local store.


  1. I wish! Since we've been here, twenty years or so, we've lost the following from our high street: fishmonger, baker, ironmonger, haberdasher and wool shop, pet shop, garden supplies, newsagent, wine merchant, sweet shop, fruit and veg shop, grocer. We are lucky we still have a butcher, chemist, post office, and a few very pretty boutique shops and tea rooms among the chain supermarkets, takeaways, charity shops and estate agents.
    I am sure I won't be the only one with the same story. So many women work, they don't have time to shop locally in individual shops (and it is still women who do most of the family shop) and most of them will drive to work and drop in at the supermarket, at least from a rural town like mine.
    But it is good to do what you can, and I could do more, thank you for the reminder. I shall make it one of my resolutions to use the shops we have as much as I can.
    Happy New Year and thanks for the photos, they remind me of where I came from in many ways.

  2. Hi Jenny - I certainly do some of my shopping locally - and will endeavour to do more. Wonderful poster and website - that I've tapped into Feedly ... to remind me of all good things local ...

    Happy New Year and have a happy 2015 with family and friends ... cheers Hilary

  3. I really like the 'buy local' ethos Jenny and do whenever possible. Looking back a few posts I loved your hopes for 2015, ver similar to mine, let's hope :)

  4. Good resolutions for us all, Jenny!


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