Tuesday, 20 January 2015


A threatening sky (it started to sleet a few minutes later) and the Half Moon Café in Roberts Park was illuminated by a sudden shaft of winter sunshine. The café is normally open until 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays in the winter but they must have decided to close early. The usually busy park was rather quiet, just a brave runner and a few dogs walking their people, so I don't suppose they were doing much trade. I find the park is beautiful in all seasons. Even when the wind is howling and sleet is stinging my face, I can enjoy a walk there. It is just far enough from home to make it feel worthwhile. There are plenty of paths, so you can vary the route a bit and there is always something new to see - an explosion of red branches in the shrubberies, a few brave green shoots beginning to poke up from the earth... Good to be out and about; just as good to get back home for a comforting, warming cup of tea and a slice of toasted fruit loaf.


  1. Roberts Park looks so pretty Jenny, but the cuppa sounds rather appealing on a freezing day :)

  2. Really pretty...it doesn't look cold though with all that green and sunshine!

  3. The shaft of light chose the right structure to illuminate. Your dedication to getting out of the house in all kinds of weather is admirable.


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