Thursday, 22 January 2015

Snow? Let's stay cosy

It's snowing again. We've had a few flurries over the past week or two and there has been more in some hilly areas. Now it seems to have decided to try a bit harder and has been snowing on and off here for hours. It is wet stuff with big flakes but it seems to be settling. I've been tucked up at work so no chance to get out for photos so far. If it does stay a while, I will hope to get out with my camera.

Anita was asking me what our winter weather pattern is. The answer is that there isn't one, at least not a predictable one. Some years we get quite a lot of snow (by our standards - which is really not much compared with the US or Scandinavia or Russia). But it rarely stays more than a couple of weeks continuously. Last year we had no snow at all in this part of the country, but lots of rain instead. Two winters ago we had an unusually long, snowy spell at about this time of year. The pattern this winter has been rain and gales for a few days followed by dismal, grey, quiet spells and then rain and gales again. There have been very few cold, crisp, sunny days. It all depends what the jet stream is doing across the Atlantic, where it is sitting and what weather it pulls in. I've known snow in November and snow in April but that would be unusual, it's more likely in January/February. In a way, it's quite interesting never knowing what's going to happen but it does mean we are often unprepared and it's hard to plan anything with any degree of certainty.

Anyway, lack of snow pictures means I'm showing this cosy night shot of the bar in Saltaire called 'Don't tell Titus'. (Titus Salt didn't allow pubs and bars in his village!) Since Christmas when I took this, it has closed temporarily for refurbishment and redecoration. So it may or may not look the same when it opens again in a few weeks. I always think it looks inviting and warm at night. Just the place to seek refuge if you get caught in a snow shower.


  1. The photos do have warm colours. You are 'tucked up at work" how do you get home? Do you have to walk in the snow?

    1. Yes, I do - but it's only a fifteen minute or so walk so not too bad, even in cold weather.

  2. Well, thank you for that bit of weather news. Climate is rather fascinating to me...I thought perhaps your snow didn't linger as long as it does here. We are thinking of perhaps driving to Florida...about 18 hours south. I love watching spring slowly appear outside my window...but the return trip, not so much!

  3. I saw that bar when I visited there and thought it was a brilliant name, Jenny!

  4. ooohh it does look warm and inviting :-)

  5. Wonderful name for the bar! It does look inviting. . . We are expecting a 'wintry mix' tomorrow morning -- snow and sleet turning to rain. Sounds a bit like your weather.

  6. I really like the warmth. Let's hope it remains as warm when it reopens.


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