Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Matchfit garden

Here's one of the gardens completed as part of the Matchfit competition - see yesterday.
Turf - check
Tree - check
Shaped and planted border - check
Surprise element - check. This one had a rather elegant dragonfly willow sculpture.

The other gardens looked pretty similar in design and execution, though some of the turf looked more expertly laid than others. The only difference was the surprise element - one had a piece of old tree root, one a plant pot spilling stones and I couldn't see what the fourth plot had... maybe they'd taken it away. Anyway, it seemed like a nice wholesome exercise and hopefully the four little trees will be allowed to remain there and grow.


  1. Well this is going to be a lovely area when all the plots are finished Jenny, looking forward to seeing how it all looks.

  2. haha...that is one large dragonfly!

  3. What an interesting competition. I do like that dragonfly!


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