Monday, 11 May 2015

Peerless pieris

It's a case of win some and lose some for the houses bordering Yeadon Tarn. Win because the setting is so attractive, looking out across the lake, lose because on the other side is the airport with its attendant traffic and noise. From a distance I thought this vibrant coral red was an azalea in bloom, but on closer inspection I realised it's a pieris and the red is the new leaves, not flowers. Glorious colour though.


  1. Very pretty and now I know its name

  2. So beautiful! My pieris seems to have been killed by a late cold snap -- this reminds me that I should definitely replace it!

  3. Spectacular! I have pieris but the red is never as pronounced as this. (Without the sound of planes, this looks like an idyllic place.)


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