Sunday, 24 May 2015

Smart school

Even though it has been open about six years now, Titus Salt School still looks pretty smart and ultra-modern. It has such clean, graphic lines that even a photograph looks, to me, like an architect's drawing, complete with those spindly birch trees they always add. (NB: the photo was taken a few weeks ago, so I imagine those trees have a few leaves now). It is a school for students from age 11 upwards and specialises in Maths and Computing, though of course students study a whole range of curriculum subjects. It sits on the far side of Roberts Park, technically in Baildon rather than Saltaire. It's on the Coach Road, at one time the carriage drive to the grand house that Titus Salt Junior built (now demolished). I wonder what he would have thought of this 'on his doorstep'?

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