Monday, 8 June 2015

Moo-ching about

I spent a few days recently at my sister's home in Lincolnshire. It couldn't be more different from my home area in Yorkshire. Whereas it's all hills here, there it's mostly very flat. There is a string of 'cliff' villages that meander south from the city of Lincoln itself, along a ridge of higher ground known as the Lincolnshire Edge or Cliff, giving amazing views westwards across the Vale of Trent. It's an area of mostly arable farms and the yellow rape flowers add bright colour to the scene at this time of year. It's probably my favourite time of year, when the hawthorn is in blossom and lady lace fills the field margins. Our walk was slightly enlivened by these calves. (That's probably not the right term for the critters but, as a townie, I'm not up on the precise language!)


  1. I have a painting on my wall of the view from Walesby. It's very similar to that bottom photo, though you're higher up in mine (further from Lincoln?) There are two power stations visible in mine too. They're all along the river Trent. The views from up there are all magnificent.

  2. It is amazingly flat in your pic, Jenny!


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