Thursday, 2 July 2015

Markenfield's interior

Markenfield Hall
The entrance hall is one of the oldest parts of the building. I understand that it dates back, probably, to 1230. It was originally the Undercroft for the Great Hall above and consisted of three vaulted rooms, similar in design to the Cellarium at nearby Fountains Abbey. The fireplace (photo above) was originally in the Great Hall and now houses a range, used for cooking when this was the farmhouse kitchen. Some of the vaulting survives in rooms either side of the entrance hall, creating what must be one of the most unusual utility rooms in existence.

On the floor above the entrance hall is the Great Hall, the heart of the house, recently restored and now a library and drawing room. It would originally have been accessed via an external staircase. Its fireplace is a faithful replica of the medieval one that had been moved downstairs some 400 years before. The Great Hall has a vaulted ceiling with huge wooden crossbeams, one of which, unusually, has an enclosed wooden gutter running alongside that drains water from the roof to the moat. A bedroom (the original medieval solar) and the chapel, which is regularly used for services, are also made available for visitors to see. It is all fascinating and there is a wealth of information displayed about the house, its restoration and the family. It has a most warm and welcoming feel, a real family home. It was a great privilege to see it.


  1. Hi Jenny - what an incredible place - thanks so much for whetting my appetite for a visit once again ... looks just stunning and so so interesting .. lovely photos - cheers Hilary

  2. It's interesting to see one of those old homes that someone is actually living in, Jenny!


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